Back in 2014 I moved on from the most challenging experience in my life which lasted over a period of six years. This time taught me more about myself, but specially who I am not.
Two years later I started my life from scratch (a period of my life I write about in Tricks and Traps), the bottom is never so sweet but when you owe no-one your standing. I learned my capabilities, and connected with Eleanor Roosevelt's words. "A woman is like a tea bag-- you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water." Twas then my passage from youth to adulthood. Suddenly almost everything I put my mind, heart, and energy to-- became.  
Two years ago I started putting together Abuse of Power, my first collection of songs dedicated to the fact that sadly abuse is part of the human experience. From what we think should be the safety of our home, to what we wish was just the protection of our government, to what we dream would be the respect we all deserve as humanity—abuse and it’s cycle is constant and unhinged.
The album starts with If I Could Move You, narrator sings of the foolishness of blind love—suddenly not so blind. After admitting my crude decisions and asking, “Did I look far too long?” another obvious question arises as suddenly I speak, as if it was to my former self, advising reason and proposing better choices.
Transgressor, plain and simple is a song dedicated to the wack-job-president Donald Trump, and to every other self-conceited heartless, seared-conscious-less individuals who unworthily tread this earth. Same idea goes towards different parts of government and relationships with Greed, Spineless Man, and Poison.
The End was written with some personal background which ultimately turns into a letter to my offspring to understand reality, the balance of life, and to “do the best with what is left.”
No is a protest song, which I wrote a year and half before 2020. I believe more people are more aware than not, and it is up to us to create change in the world—even if all we can do is write songs and make noise.
I fell in love with the rhythm of Roberto Corleone III’s bass and guitar, resulting with Tricks and Traps which is filled with metaphors to becoming aware of my power to fight back and rise.
To Be Holy was written with an overlapping period of my life in mind in which I let go of divisive organized religion, and embrace reasonable logic, and inclusive spirituality. It was actually the last song I wrote for the album and one of the most felt. 
Abuse Of Power is not my best work, only my first. I’m glad for the experience I’ve gained and the opportunities it has opened. There’s more to learn and grow from so many areas, I’m just happy to be able to express. 
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