From a young age I've been head strong and what my mother at times may have called "wild". I simply had tons of creative energy without direction. The easiest one to grab and go was drawing and painting, something easily accessible in a home full of artists which was my grandmother's house. 
After moving to the states my life completely changed, but art and writing became principal. Over years of growth and diverse experiences I developed different facets of my many pursuits. Music has always been a love of mine. I listen to almost every genre with some of my favorite like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Chavela Vargas, The Flaming Lips, Chicano Batman, and Kali Uchis. 
All my youth I kept a journal which I would fill up with my days, feelings, poetry, doodles and song— of which notebooks I either lost or threw away. In 2016 I started writing again, and late 2018 my focus was in writing lyrics for music. Everything else grew from there.
Press Kit

The One Lavic was born in Cali, Colombia & spent her childhood between there, Southern California, and Southeastern Florida where, immersed in the sounds and culture of the world around her, she began her creative journey. Her first medium was paper and canvas - expressing herself visually in abstract and expressionistic pieces that often explode with color and are, at once, grounded in form.
As a writer, slowly she translated some of her poetry into song and began recording material with other independent producers and musicians. The result was an extensive collection of music by composers from around the world with sounds ranging from contemporary jazz to reggae, hip hop, and dubstep. These songs became her debut album, “Abuse of Power.” 
As TOL begins her life as a musician, she brings with her the rich and prolific background of an artist. Her experiences and worldview have converged with her passion over a myriad of soundscapes. TOL isn’t a jazz or R&B singer. Nor is she a videographer or a painter. She is an artist at her essence - unbound to medium and fervently dedicated to declaring her voice.