Months before my final recording session for Abuse of Power, I had penned down verse after verse of another material. Many poems without melodies, or forgotten tunes. Suddenly the 2020 pandemic hit, and life changed. There were emotions of fear and despair, of which I detest. Personally I have often attached myself to a form of theos, maybe because of my Roman Catholic upbringing. Yet the thinking my atheist step-father seeded into my young life ran on reasonable logic which became a form of anchor when everything else seemed chaotic. Whatever was left of spirituality gathered itself in intuition. The fact we are energy, and we produce energy and the earth is energy, the sun, the moon-- all of it, energy. Like sowing what we plow, so is our energy. In that power I found peace. Hence, in the intimacy of my shower it rang out my lips a song called Creator.   
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